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SocialBride sets the standard for discerning brides embarking on a lifetime commitment, as well as for wedding industry professionals seeking creative ideas for the brides they serve. Blending information, imagination and elegance, SocialBride takes the bride to the dress and beyond, inspiring every detail of her unforgettable day and helping her set the stage for her new life – from announcements to favours and from registry to honeymoon. SocialBride is excellence and unwavering commitment to the extraordinary are unparalleled. From the exquisite gowns, shimmering jewellery and lush flowers that adorn her, to the elegant place settings, luscious cakes and imaginative settings that surround her, the SocialBride can rely on our unrivalled perspective and unparalleled expertise to turn her wedding into a truly extraordinary and unforgettable experience. We will introduce the bride to the most beautiful and inspiring ideas, the best products, and trustworthy resources to make her wedding the most fulfilling celebration possible.

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