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Maid of Honour:

Weddings are hard work, and it falls to the maid of honour to help handle some important details. She’s the go-to person for the bride when it comes to guidance, a fresh perspective and, well, some of the heavy lifting.

Chosen for your energetic, get-the-ball-in-motion qualities, you should also remember that listening to the bride, making her laugh, and offering emotional and logistical support are also part of your honour attendant package.

Being tapped as an honour attendant can be a chore, but it’s also a tremendous compliment and a lot of fun. If you’re on the lookout for fresh information you can use for your own wedding, participating in a friend’s arrangements can be an eye opener that may save you time and some potential gotcha moments later, too.

Helping the Bride The temperament of the bride and the scope of the wedding will have a big impact on how much or how little of the planning and organization the maid of honour will be responsible for. When assisting the bride, the maid of honour may be part facilitator, secretary, delivery person, counsellor, decorator, or just about anything else. This partial list will give you an idea of some helpful ways you may be pressed into service:

Her Duties

Chosen for your energetic, get-the-ball-in-motion qualities, you should also remember that listening to the bride, making her laugh, and offering emotional and logistical support are also part of your honour attendant package.

Here’s what’s expected:

  • The MOH pays for her own entire wedding outfit (including shoes).
  • Keep the bride laughing. For the stressed-out bride, laughter can be as effective as venting.


  • Lead the bridesmaid. It’s the maid/matron of honour’s (MOH) job to direct the other maids through their duties.
  • Help shop for dresses (the bride’s and the bridesmaids’).
  • Go to dress fittings, and find the right jewellery.
  • Oversee delivery of the dresses, monitor fittings and assist with other wardrobe functions.
  • Provide them with information on all pre-wedding parties
  • See to it that all bridesmaids get to the rehearsal (coordinate transportation and lodging, if necessary)
  • Make sure that all bridesmaids get their hair and makeup done, get to the ceremony on time, and have the correct bouquets.

Pre – Wedding

  • Offer to help the bride with pre-wedding tasks, from addressing invites to choosing the wedding colours
  • Scout wedding locations.
  • Select invitations and help with invitation prep.
  • Explore floral options and other decorative choices.
  • Help with honeymoon planning.
  • Help with seating chart details.
  • Attend the cake tasting and make recommendations.
  • Attend the catering meetings or tastings and make recommendations.
  • MOH should assure the bride that she has someone with whom she can share her thoughts. Even if she seems to dwell on the same subjects repeatedly, the MOH keeps listening
  • Spread the news about where the bride and groom are registered
  • Host or co-host a bridal shower for the bride.
  • Attend all pre-wedding parties. Keep a record of all the gifts received at various parties and showers (or delegate a bridesmaid to handle this).
  • Host the bachelorette party.

Wedding Day

  • Help the bride dress and deal with her hair, jewellery and the unavoidable wedding day jitters.
  • Check the last minute details, like instructions for the photographer and deliveries to the hall.
  • Act as a messenger between the bride and groom (and various and sundry family members).
  • Handle dress and veil issues. Manoeuvrability could be important here, even in the restroom, so this is an important and sometimes unexpected duty involving lifting, fluffing, arranging and rearranging.


  • Hold the groom’s ring during the ceremony. (Safest place to put it? On your thumb).
  • Arrange the bride’s train and veil before the ceremony begins and just after she arrives at the altar.
  • Hold the bride’s bouquet while the couple exchanges vows.
  • Sign as a witness, along with the best man.


  • Help the bride change for her honeymoon and take charge of her gown after the reception and arrange for storage in a safe place until she returns.
  • Play hostess along with the other bridesmaids at frequent points during the reception: show guests where to sit, direct them to restrooms, tell them to where to put presents,
  • Invite them to sign the guest book, etc.
  • Collect any gift envelopes brought to the reception and keep them in a safe place.
  • Make sure the bride takes a moment to eat something — refresh her drink, get her a plate of food from the buffet table, or instruct the wait staff to keep her entree warm.
  • Dance with the best man during the formal first-dance sequence and possibly be announced with him at the beginning of the party. Also dance with other groomsmen, the groom, and others.
  • Toast the couple after the best man. (This is optional, but it is a nice touch.)
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