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3rd February 2017
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3rd February 2017

How to Put Children at Ease

Here are a few tips on curing your tiny tots’ wedding day bashfulness.

With the big day approaching, you’re not the only one who might be getting the jitters. Your little ones, who will be the first to walk down the aisle, might be fighting off some little nerves too. Don’t let your babies get bashful; instead, include them in the showers and other pre-wedding events to ward off any last minute fright.

Your bridal shower’s little helper. A perfect way to introduce your petite wedding guest to your bridesmaids and other friends is to introduce him or her as your little helper. They can help pass around snacks, or hand out gifts—any job to keep their hands busy and make them feel important. This small step will boost their confidence by leaps and bounds, and put a smile on all the guests’ faces when they see how adorable they are in their wedding attire.

Include your little bellas in your spa retreat. If you and the maids are going to the spa to get primped and polished before your special day, why not treat your little flower girl to a mini-mani and pedi combo. She’ll really feel like one of the big girls, and by getting to know the bridesmaids before the ceremony itself, her nerves will be calmed on the big day when she sees familiar, smiling faces.

Include your little fellas in your groom’s day out. If you have a little guy attending your wedding as a ring bearer or a general helper, make him feel comfortable by taking him along on a guys-only outing. If your groom and the boys want to hit a few rounds at the driving range, or go see a game, then including your little prince will give him the big boy status he needs to really feel included in the festivities.

No matter how small a part they are going to play, even the tiniest guests get the jitters. By helping them feel comfortable and welcome, your little babies will be smiling all the way down the aisle.

By Brittany Johnson

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