Have Your Wedding Cake And Eat It Too!

Now-a-day’s most wedding cakes are not your traditional fruit cake. Today wedding cakes are amazingly decedent creations that range from simple funky vanilla cupcakes to more extravagant Champaign flavoured cakes just waiting to be eaten. They can cost anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of rands.

First question to ask your self before ordering your cake is;

Will your wedding cake be the main dessert of the evening?

Most bakers will tell you that you will need a cake that will serve all of your guests and most bakers will charge per serving, the more guests the bigger the cake, the more it will cost. Most caterers will provide their own dessert (something other then wedding cake). These desserts can range from assorted squares to fruit trays and chocolate fountains. They will typically be served after the main course. If you choose the caterer’s desserts or a chocolate fountain to be the main dessert over the wedding cake you will not need a wedding cake large enough to serve all of your guests. A smaller cake for the traditional cutting and enough to serve maybe half the amount of guests would be more than sufficient. If you would like your wedding cake to be the main dessert and the caterer is planning on serving dessert you have a couple of options.

1st. Option: is to ask the caterer if they are willing to serve their dessert as a midnight snack.

2nd. Option: ask the caterer if they can eliminate the desserts from the menu all together if your budget is an issue, however your caterer may charge you a cake cutting fee.

What time were you thinking of cutting and serving your cake?

From my experience planning receptions it has come to my knowledge that a lot of things get forgotten about. When to serve the wedding cake? Is close to the top of the list.

If your Wedding cake is to be served as the main desert cut your cake following the main course. If the caterers deserts are served as the main desert than anytime after this. Be careful that it’s not far into the evening as many of the guests have dispersed, the senior crowd has said their good byes and the younger crowd is here there and every where! It is more difficult to pull together everyone and get re-focused to watching the Bride and Groom cut the Cake.

Do you want left over cake?

Many brides enjoy the option of having left over cake, and many would rather not! Left over cake can store quite easily in the fridge for up to five days or in the freezer for up to a year (if properly packaged). If there are ‘leftovers’ a great suggestion is to serve it at the next days gift opening. This way you have a dessert and do not need to spend the time preparing or thinking of what to serve your guests, plus the ones who missed the cake the night before have a second chance.

Remember there is a way to have your cake and eat it too!

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