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Bridesmaids Do’s and Dont’s

So You’re Going To Be In The Bridal Party!

The bride will be consumed with her wedding plans and you will be expected to go along for the ride.

BUT FIRST: Accept that it is an honour to be asked. Understand that the pictures and memories of your participation will be a highlight of your life.
But it’s OK to refuse the honour if it stretches your budget or time commitment too far.

Pay for your own dress and shoes. Be prepared to pay a deposit when the dress is ordered. The bride will pay for the head-dress, flowers, gloves, or other accessories she wants her attendants to wear.

Host a shower. The cost of this event will be shared with other attendants. It can be in a private home, a club, restaurant or bar. Invitations, catering, bar and decorations can be pricey.

Pay your share of a group shower gift when the attendants host their shower.

Attend (and bring a gift) to all showers. More and more thoughtful brides ask their attendants not to give them shower gifts, but don’t count on it!

Give a wedding gift. Make it easy on yourself by sharing with other attendants.

Get Ready For A Great Ride Because Weddings Make Cherished Memories

Shop with the bride for your gown. The choice should be mutually acceptable.

Attend planning meetings. The first of these will be to discuss the date of the wedding, the size, who will make up the wedding party, and the service and reception locations.

Be available to run messages. The bride will rely on her attendants (and especially her Maid of Honour) to be her backup on a myriad of details.

Attend rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. This will be great fun, unless the bride is over-stressing about the details.

Help address invitations if your penmanship is terrific.

Help make table favours or Bomboniere if you are asked to participate.

It’s a great honour to be singled out as a close friend. And bridesmaids  come to our site tell us that, the secret is just to have fun. If, however, your personal life is either financially or time constricted, its better to be frank with your friend and offer to play a little less demanding role.

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