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28th January 2017

Why do you hire a Professional Photographer?

There are few events in a couple’s life more important than their wedding day.  It is the first formal step into a shared life of commitment as they embark on their journey down life’s highway, a winding ribbon which leads into the unknown. Together, they will face the uncertainties, the joys and triumphs which lay ahead.

Wedding Photography is not simply a function of snapping off countless shots with the aim of filling a data disc with meaningless images. It is so much more that that. It is the art of capturing the beauty and emotion of the wedding.

With the advent of digital photography, the bar has been raised. The technological advances in photographic equipment now demands the professional be equipped with state of art tools which compliment his or her artistic approach to the craft of photography. Although many point-and-shoot digital cameras are available today, the functionality of these devices doesn’t put them into the realm of professional equipment. They perform the purpose for which they were designed, to take a great snapshot. But for wedding photography, they fall well short.

Wedding Photography requires the eye of a professional to be able to “see” those special moments, the necessary equipment to shoot and enhance the image, and the artistic ability to capture the magic that surrounds every wedding. The professional photographer also has the experience to organize those must-have shots of the wedding party and the temperament to make those photographic sessions an enjoyable part of the wedding experience.

Long after the ceremony has ended, the final champagne toast has been made and the last guests have departed, the photographs will last for a lifetime. And they will become the key with which the memories of this day can again be unlocked and brought into clear focus, to be relived.


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