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28th January 2017
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3rd February 2017

Wedding Photography Tips

Tips for a Smooth Day of Photography

  • Leave enough time between your wedding ceremony and the wedding reception for your wedding photos. Being able to relax without rushing will enable you to have fun and the results will be amazing wedding photographs. One to Two hours is ideal.
  • Should you not have a lot of time for photos between the wedding ceremony and wedding reception, a good tip is to save your receiving line for the reception. This will keep the post-ceremony greetings from eating away at your time for photographs.
  • Problems gathering family together for photos? A common scenario indeed. It’s an exciting day after all, with many acquaintances to reconnect with. It’s easy for parents especially, to feel a bit like hosts and want to welcome guests.

Solution: Phone all immediate family members the night before the wedding to remind them that they are to be available for photos immediately after the ceremony, and to stay close by.
Solution: Delegate someone from each side of the family, who is familiar with immediate family members, and have them seek out the individuals if necessary, and call out/announce those needed as family photos are being shot.

  • Have the officiate include in his/her announcements, that a receiving line will be held at the wedding reception, and for family to gather for professional photos immediately following the ceremony. This will assure your guests that they will have a chance to congratulate you, as well as reminding family of their responsibility to be available for wedding photos.
  • On the wedding day Make-up for Brides and bridesmaids should avoid wearing shimmery/sparkle shadows or blushes on the face. The end result in photos, is that they will appear to have oily skin. Carry some powder & tissues.
  • Brides: It’s a busy morning getting ready, but please do not make the mistake of skipping out on a good breakfast. Too many brides mid-photos have fallen ill with headaches, nausea or dizziness, from not eating. Due to the heat of summer, along with additional activity and excitement, it is easy to become dehydrated. It is important for the whole bridal party to be at their best for this day and for photos. Drink water in the morning, and bring some bottled water along for the group for the period that photos will be taken.
  • Another time saver for your formal photos is to recognize the photo hobbyists in your family and inform them that you have hired a professional photographer. Ask them to keep their picture taking unobtrusive while the photographer is in session. The photographer will not want his/her flow interrupted by a bystander wanting the group to stay in position for “one more photo” or to be tripping over a relative who is trying to get the same shot that the photographer has arranged.
  • Inform your wedding photographer prior to the big day, of any special highlights during your day. Example: “I will be surprising the bride by arriving in a 1965 Mustang” or “During the wedding ceremony, we will be presenting children with vows and a candle”
  • Have someone in the bridal party carry a cell phone (on vibrate), and make sure your wedding photographer has the number. Should you be driving to locations in separate vehicles, and loose each other, you will be able to reconnect. This is also handy for any other contact or emergency while on location.
  • Discuss with your wedding photographer beforehand, where you will photograph, should the weather become unfavourable. If the forecast calls for rain, purchase low cost umbrellas, uniform in colour. Great photos can still be taken in light rainfall.

Most important of all…..RELAX AND HAVE FUN !!!


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