Picture Perfect

A Little Camera Know-How Will Pay Off

Looking good in the mirror may not always translate to looking great in your photographs. It takes expertise and practice to be sizzling hot in your wedding pictures.

Practice Makes Perfect
Dead-On Lighting
Photographers say amateurs don’t understand the significance of lighting. Including the light as you apply your makeup. If you apply makeup with light shining either down on you or up on you from below, it casts shadows which are misleading and can result in makeup that is too heavy. The ideal makeup lighting should be straight on you, eliminating shadows.

Be Camera-Savvy
Take plenty of pictures before your wedding day to see what angles work best for you. Don’t always face directly into the camera. Let your eyes look into the lens, while your face is slightly turned. It gives the contours of the face a pretty outline.

Shine Control
Control Face Shine
When makeup is completed, apply a little loose translucent powder to hold the colour, especially on your nose, chin, and brow (the T-zone and bony areas of your face).

Easy On The Glitter
Shine can work against you. Choose just one area of your face to indulge in a little shimmer. Your eyes are the best choice. Shine on cheeks can translate to a greasy look in photographs.

Blush & Lips
Luscious Lips
A very dry lipstick (such as many matte lipsticks) hold their colour but can appear harsh in photographs. Similarly, there is a problem with very shiny lip-glosses, which can translate to sloppy-looking lips. Look for a lipstick with a satin finish.

Blush That Holds The Colour
If you always have worn a cream blush, you may want to experiment with powder blush.
A cream blush can get absorbed into the skin, while a powder blush holds its colour for a longer period.

It Takes Practice To Turn Up The Heat For Over-The-Top Wedding Pictures


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