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28th January 2017
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28th January 2017

Choose a Photographer & Videographer Team

When planning your wedding day, there are countless options and possibilities to consider. Which dress to wear? How many people to invite? Where to hold the ceremony? The list goes on! One significant consideration is how to encapsulate your wedding day so that you can relive the wonderful memories years later with your loved ones. Today more and more couples are realizing the benefits of having both photos and videos of their wedding day, ensuring that nothing is missed! A photograph can visually capture the beauty and sentiment of a single moment in time. In addition, a video can tell the story surrounding that moment, with audio, visual, and real-time action. Your video, coupled with your photographs, provides a complete memory experience that, much like your marriage, will stand the test of time.

When looking for a wedding videographer & photographer, choose a company that offers both services together. There are many benefits to booking your photographer & videographer together.

Here are a few:

Both your video and your photos will be consistent in style. Often, when photographers and videographers team up, they form a shooting and editing style that is unique to their collaboration. The final output of your photos will emulate the final output of your video, and vice versa. This unification of style means that there are no discrepancies in how you view your memories, and it also raises the level of impact that both these mediums can have. Your photos and video should work together, not against each other, holding your memories in highest regard.

When you hire your Photographer & Videographer team, you’re hiring a team that has proven to work well together and produce great results time and time again. As a team, they know each other inside and out and can anticipate each other’s next move. They know how to coordinate their movements effectively, avoiding getting in each other’s shots (something that happens all too often). They can also work together, pointing each other in the right direction to capture those perfect spontaneous shots.

Most photographers and videographers are used to having to compete for business. This competition carries into their work, even on your wedding day. Often times you’ll see them arguing over who can stand where, or bickering over each other’s flashes/ lights interrupting the other person’s shot. This is no way to work, and certainly not the atmosphere you want present at your wedding. Choosing a team eliminates this stress. A good team will work together to create the best possible outcome, and will be well accustomed to each other’s way of working, allowing them to focus on what’s really important, YOU!

Many companies offer wedding photography and videography together at package deals, meaning that if you group the two services together, you end up paying less than if you were to book both services individually from two different companies. This is just one way you can cut down on the cost of your wedding day.

Wedding planning is incredibly time consuming! Why not kill two birds with one stone? When choosing a team, you’re meeting/ consulting with both the photographer and the videographer together. This cuts down a lengthy selection process, and gives you more time to plan your wedding.

Remember, when choosing your Photographer & Videographer team, look for a team that’s willing to take the time to sit down and get to know you as a couple. Personality is everything! The better they know you, the better they can capture your wedding day, working to make sure the results are perfectly tailored to you!


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